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Motul M2 Helmet Interior Cleaner 250ml

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Product Description

Motul M2 Helmet Interior Clean 250 ml

No matter what you do, you are always up against the same problem: sweating inside your helmet when riding on warm sunny days. Although the sweating you can perhaps put up with, the helmet lining soaking up your sweat like a sponge is the real problem. This can have slightly unpleasant side effects if you do not disinfect, sterilise, and clean the lining every now and again - ideally after every ride - using Motul *M2 Helmet Interior Clean* cleaner.

Spray the ready-to-use helmet interior cleaner on the lining by applying a few pump strokes, allow to penetrate and dry - all done! The next time you ride you will be sticking your head into a fresh, fragrant helmet, instead of something that smells like an old shoe!

Intensive deep cleaning, disinfects and removes odours quickly and gently

Dermatologically tested - does not irritate the skin!

Contains: 250 ml